5 Tips for a Beautiful, Organized Home Office, According to Bobby Berk

They’re also great for keeping everything orderly on a free-standing desk without cabinets. Turn a hallway or side of a room into an office area with a strip of connected desk units. You both can have your own set of drawers, and you’ll always know home office tips who stole your phone charger. “Folding a blanket on the back of your desk chair instantly brings cozy elements to your workspace,” Dykema says. If you have the tendency to get cold, a throw is a must to keep your desk as comfortable as possible.

Yes, these can seem like a storage solution for wrangling pens, paper clips, and sticky notes, but think about whether you actually use all those office supplies on a daily basis. The goal should be to only keep what you need; the rest can be relegated to nearby bookshelves and on the wall space. “Create vertical organized space versus horizontal organized space.

Home Office Organization Ideas You Can Use Today

Above all, remember that you need to balance productivity with self-care. There are apps, such as TimeOut for Mac and Smart Break for Windows, that let you set a schedule for when you’ll lock yourself out of your computer. RescueTime also has a pause feature that lets you time 15-minute and one-hour breaks. Set an alarm or timer on your phone, or mind the time with a standard clock.

home office organizing tips

Using a pinboard in a home office can be a great asset to any office worker. It provides a great way to stay organized and productive throughout the day and can also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. The most obvious benefit of a pinboard is the convenience of having all of your important documents and reminders in one place. It helps to keep things organized and readily available when needed. It also helps to reduce clutter and keep the office from becoming too cluttered and disorganized. Additionally, a pinboard can also help to provide motivation and inspiration when working on a project or task.

Use Desktop Drawers

This can help to reduce fatigue and improve motivation throughout the workday. Overall, notebook organizers are an invaluable tool for organizing a home office. Not only do they save time and reduce paper clutter, but they also make it easy to keep track of tasks and deadlines. By utilizing a notebook organizer, it’s easier to stay organized and on top of tasks, making it simpler to get work done in a home office. An organized desk at home is one that utilizes the space without going overboard with desk accessories.

A desk lamp can not only bring some much-needed light, especially on those gloomy winter afternoons, but can also help contribute to the aesthetic of your workspace. Consider a warm dual-tone wood base lamp from Anthropologie or something with personality, like the antique bronze-finish table lamp from CB2 that looks like a coiled snake. Those crunched for space to even fit a desk lamp can look to a floor lamp instead. You’ll still have a well-lit work station—your table top just won’t be as cluttered.

Organize Your PC

Similar to some of the other tips, having a separate phone number helps you manage your work-life balance. I say “morning routine,” but not everyone who works from home follows a nine-to-five schedule. Yours might be a “getting started” routine at another time of day. Nevertheless, look for an existing habit you have and try to start your work day after it. Now that you have a really organized office, are you ready to tackle other rooms in your home? Here on Clutter Keeper®, there are articles to help you through every room and challenge.

home office organizing tips

This way you will give yourself time to get used to a system before you start organizing another system. The simplest ideas are often the best ideas, don’t over complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated. You can’t implement a new system without taking the time to actually keep on top of the tasks. Creating the right systems that work for you and your family is so important. There is nothing worse than wasting time looking for a document because they don’t have a place in your home.

Beautiful Home Offices That Are Neat and Organized

Still, many of the core issues we face as remote workers are similar. There are lots of cute and useful storage solutions for electronic cords and cables. Storing everything electronically will make it easier to find when you need it.

Having a clear vision about exactly what you need for the space to be useful for you can save you a lot of time and frustration while you’re working to get your space organized. If you like your organization to match your decor, decorative boxes are a great choice. You can leave them open so it’s easy to get to things you frequently use or put the lid on them to hide less used items. Add some matching bins or baskets to your shelves to hold larger, heavier items like binders, notebooks, or electronics when you’re not using them.

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